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What is is the convenient disposable system of payment by prepaid card of iCard AD. Thanks to PremioCard, the companies can immediately pay their employees and business partners all over the world and it does not require a bank account to receive money from the company.

What is the PremioCard card?

PremioCard is a classic prepaid MasterCard or VISA card made of plastic with the card number, expiration date, card verification code and with the logo of MasterCard or VISA. PremioCard is a payment instrument allowing access to your stored value prepaid amount (electronic money), which is issued by iCard AD. PremioCard is prepaid card for multiple uses. You can use PremioCard for purchases at stores, on-line, or at over 1 million ATMs worldwide that accept MasterCard/VISA cards. PremioCard can be used if it is activated and there is available stored value (balance) on it.

How my PremioCard is loaded with money?

The PremioCard is a prepaid disposable card, which can be loaded once. Only our business partners, or their agents or employees or merchants who have a partner contract with us and are therefore authorized to use the program PremioCard can load your PremioCard.

What are the advantages of PremioCard card?

PremioCard offers fast and easy access to your electronic money and your money can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Your benefits in particular are:
  • Instant loading. Your PremioCard is loaded in real time via our platform. Your money is immediately at your disposal.
  • Easy to load. Our business partners, or their agents or employees or operators who are using our PremioCard Partner Program load the card immediately online.
  • Instant access to cash. You can check your balance immediately after activation when and where you want. You can use your PremioCard immediately after the activation if there is any amount available.
  • Secure payment. We do not allow frauds. As an alternative payment, PremioCard protects your money from fraud and misuse thanks to the PIN, which is available only for you.
  • Buy everywhere. Your PremioCard MasterCard allows you to make purchases at millions of merchants where MasterCard is accepted.

What does PremioCard cost?

Costs depend on the program signed by the merchant.

How can I receive a PremioCard card?

It is not possible to order a personal PremioCard. PremioCard will be provided to you by one of our PremioCard partners.

How can I activate my PremioCard?

Simply send a text message to +39 338 79 82 231 or to +359 886 170 011 with the following content: [activation code][space][the last four digits from the card number].

How can I block my PremioCard?

Just call our Customer Support number at +39 02 40 03 02 52 or send an email to

How can I become a PremioCard Program Partner?

Simply click on this link, fill in the form and one of our collaborators will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I receive wire transfers with PremioCard?

Only companies or the authorized PremioCard outlets can load your PremioCard.

What happens to my credit balance after the card expires?

In order to use the available credit you will need to reissue your PremioCard. You can order the new card through your personal access or by writing us on

What happens when I no longer actively use PremioCard?

To see the tariff of your card click on this link:

What additional services does PremioCard card offer?

PremioCard offers you the following additional services:
  • SMS loading notification. You are always kept up-to-date about current changes to your credit balance.
  • SMS account query. This option allows you to request your current card balance and available credit in seconds while you are on the go.


How do I fund my Business Account?

Once logged on the Business Account, just click on "Funding" then "Via bank transfer" and you will find the bank account on which to make the transfer. Furthermore, our POS terminals allow immediate credit of all transactions directly to your PremioCard Business Account.

How do I activate the service for another of my outlets?

Just make a request by sending an email to specifying the name of the company and your contact details.

How do I order more boxes of PremioCards?

Simply make a request by sending an email to specifying the name of the company, the number of PremioCard boxes needed and the shipping address (with the name of the shop included).

I forgot the password for access to my Business Account, what should I do?

Simply follow the “Forgotten password” procedure by clicking here:

I want to change the mobile number associated with my Business Account, what should I do?

Log into the PremioCard account, click on the "Profile" menu, "My user details" and you can change the mobile phone number as well as the email and password.

How do I make a bank transfer from my Business Account?

Log into the Business Account, click on the "Transfers" menu, " Bank Transfers" and fill out the required form.


What should I do if I loaded a PremioCard with wrong mobile number?

You must send an email to describing the occurred problem.

What should I do if I have loaded a PremioCard with incorrect amount of winnings?

Do not give the PremioCard to the customer and send an email to describing the occurred problem.

What should I do if the client has a new ID document?

Simply send an email to with the new document attached.

I cannot connect the POS to the Wi-Fi network, what should I do?

In the main display, the one with the words "PremioCard BUSINESS", press 2 times F2 and choose 4 – “Connectivity Check” to check if the terminal is connected. To change the connection type click 3 – “Change Connection type”, select the number corresponding to the network Wi-Fi in your outlet and enter the password.

If you use the network “IcardPAX” the password is composed by the last 5 digits of the long number sequence S/N under the barcode on the box containing the router and the word "PAX" in capital letters.

How to settle the transactions on the POS?

In the main display, the one with the words "PremioCard BUSINESS" just press 3 times F1 then 2 - TOTAL TRANSACTIONS then 1 - TOTAL and press the green button to confirm. If you just need to do a checkup at some point of the day, you do not need to press the green button.

How do I recover data for an already entered customer?

Once logged in via Make Payout of a winning, you must enter the national ID number and you will see the next screen with all the fields already populated.


How to check the available balance on my PremioCard?

Simply send an SMS from the mobile number associated with your PremioCard to: + 39 338 798 22 31 or +359 886 170011 with the text: [activation code][space][the last four digits from the card number] and you will receive an SMS with the available balance. To register on the site and follow the movement on all of your PremioCards, click here:

International Regulations

This information is intended to help you understand Automatic Exchange of Information (AEI) regime concerning the automatic exchange of financial account information with foreign jurisdictions.

This regime is known as the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). CRS contains the common due diligence procedures on how tax-related information is exchanged between financial institutions in certain countries. It sets out the rules and the reporting for automatic exchange of financial information.

Those regulations require all financial institutions operating and licensed in participating in the AEI countries, including iCard AD, to report automatically clients and account information to the tax authorities.

What is AEI?

Beginning on January 1, 2017, the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEI) will be implemented in Europe, with a first submission of information by April 2017 and first exchange of data between the tax authorities of all EEA participating countries in September, 2017. All EEA countries will apply the AEI from 2017, while some countries, like Switzerland, Austria and others will make the first exchange in 2018. To see this list of more than 100 participating countries and their first exchange of tax information, please check

In the wake of the financial crisis, the G20 had an increased interest in establishing a global standard, which in September 2013 led to a formal request to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to develop a common reporting standard as part of the global effort to combat tax evasion. Under this standard, participating countries commit to the bilateral exchange of information relating to the financial accounts, including bank accounts, e-money accounts and current accounts, of individuals and entities that hold assets in a country outside their tax residency on the basis of bilateral or multilateral agreements. The EU accepted the Council Directive 2014/107/EU of 9 December 2014 amending Directive 2011/16/EU as regards mandatory automatic exchange of information in the field of taxation. The Directive extended the cooperation between EU tax authorities to automatic exchange of financial account information and effectively incorporated the Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Information in Tax Matters (Common Reporting Standard). Those regulations require all EEA financial institutions, including iCard AD, to carry out due diligence procedures and to report automatically clients and account information to the tax authorities.

Which information will be exchanged?

For "reportable accounts" of iCard AD – the accounts of individuals or entities that are tax residents of a Participating Jurisdiction other than Bulgaria, the following information will be automatically reported: identifying information (e.g. name, taxpayer identification number, date of birth, tax residency), as well as financial account information (e.g. account number, account balance as of the end of the previous year, gross earnings). The term “reportable account” means an account held by one or more reportable persons (meaning individuals or entities) or held by a passive non-financial entity with one or more controlling persons that are reportable persons, provided they have been identified as such pursuant to the due diligence procedures. All EU and EEA financial institutions are required to report the above information to their local tax authorities on an annual basis for all clients who qualify as reportable persons. The local tax authorities will then exchange the information with the tax authorities of the client’s jurisdiction of residence for tax purposes. To determine the status of a reportable account we may request documents from you or send you a declaration to fill. Please be assured that client confidentiality remains key and that all data will be exchanged using secure processes and procedures, and will only be used for tax purposes.

How is iCard AD supporting its clients?

At iCard AD we will make every effort to implement the AEI in a way that is as customer friendly and transparent as possible. We hereby inform you that the first reporting is scheduled for April 2017 for the accounts balances as of 31st of December 2016.

What is CRS?

CRS (Common Reporting Standard) contains the common due diligence procedures on how tax-related information is exchanged between financial institutions in certain countries. It sets out the rules and the reporting for automatic exchange of financial information.

The European Union has adopted CRS on January 1, 2016 by applying specific amendments on the directive for administrative cooperation in the field of taxation. First reporting will be executed in 2017.

Not all countries have adopted the CRS, but we expect them to do so in the near future. In this regard, iCard AD can review the circumstances around account holders or legal entities who are yet not in CRS jurisdiction.

Who will be affected by CRS?

The measures and the rules set out in CRS apply to any private individual or legal entity, residing in any participating CRS jurisdiction. However, it is mostly applicable to accounts of foreign tax residents.

CRS is applicable to our clients, who are tax resident of a country different from Bulgaria, such as all EEA countries and others, which start the exchange of tax information.

What are we required to do under the CRS?

To implement CRS iCard AD should:

1. Identify account holders (new and existing) who are likely to be residents for tax purposes in another country

For individual customers, the criteria are as follows:

  • Being a resident of another country
  • Physical or mailing address in another country (post office box and care of address (c/o) included)
  • One or more telephone numbers in another country and no phone number in the country of residence of the reporting
  • Power of attorney or signatory authority granted to a person with a physical or mailing address (including post office or c/o address) in another country

For legal entities, the criteria include the following:

  • The country of incorporation or residence is another country
  • Current physical or mailing address (including post office box or c/o address) in another country
2. Report information to the local tax authorities

The details that we are required to provide are related to:

  • The account holder identity
  • The account number
  • The year-end account balance
  • The income (interest, dividends, gross proceeds, etc.)

Personal Information Protection

iCard as a financial institution collects and processes personal information in regard to the financial accounts of its clients and according to the FATCA agreements and CRS. This information could be reported to the financial institution of the National Revenue Agency in Bulgaria.

iCard could exchange information with the tax authorities in the jurisdictions participating in the automatic exchange of financial information with tax purposes.

Do you need more information on the new measures and what they mean for you?